Future office work (Workplace 2020)

Technology of human society has been developing by leaps and bounds at an unprecedented speed since the 21st century. Changes in office equipment and the environment have even changed our definition of "work"; further integration of life and work has proposed powerful challenges to office space which is no longer a place for employees to passively finish the task assigned by the managers, but a place to make employees more creative and more proactive in creating value and wealth for enterprises and society. Then, an office space is a place that provides various possibilities, so as to meet the needs for actively creative work.

A Giant for Intelligent Management MATSU ATLAS (D10)

When employees can take the initiative to work creatively, requirements of enterprises for management and management layers also reach an unprecedented height: how to more proactively judge the future, more efficiently generate strategies, more effectively organize suitable staff, and make real-time monitoring on the process and response to the market feedback at the fastest speed.



Deconstruction, art form

Like the origin of the name, the ATLAS is a member of the giants in Greek mythology, which was an optimus prime to support the earth based on the legend, and therefore, his name has also been extended to the "world map", carrying the whole and comprehending all nature.

Design of its appearance is very magnificent, but full of designers’ meticulous thinking: traditional line or "L" type desktop has already appeared out of date, and the market is filled with a lot of similar designs and imitations, which are on lack of innovation. Design of ATLAS shape adopts deconstructive architectural language to build its “body” with asymmetric and futuristic lines for the first time, which can provides the managers’ offices with a new definition with inspiration. As an indoor "building", it is unique, but will not overshadow the leading role.

The purpose of “deconstruction” is not to make people confused, but to make them understand it from more angles; ATLAS is an artwork with refined carving from every detail.




Halfback of ATLAS design is not only reflected in appearance, while materials and processes can supplement each other. Superior cocobolo wooden veneer is the symbol of its identity, while flax fiber is boldly adopted as a desktop: it is one of the earliest natural fibers used by humans, with a history of more than ten thousand years. Flax fiber is a kind of rare natural fiber, which is known as "the fiber queen in natural fibers” due to its natural primitive and rare features with natural and noble color. Flax fiber possesses many excellent properties. It is endowed with moisture absorption and heat dissipation for health care and bacteriostat, featuring antifouling and anti-static electricity, ultraviolet-proof and excellent flame retardant effect. In the process of growing flax, it is unnecessary to use herbicides and pesticides; a great number of the fibers used as the main material of the desktop is to show MATSU’s determination to reduce carbon emissions in maximum limit.



“Intelligent” Giant: Search, Push and Gesture Operation

There is a smart heart in the body of ATLAS: implantation of the latest technology makes the executives’ desk no longer a large but impractical "identity indication". Operation is no longer a passive click but an active push: all necessary information will scroll on the side of the screen, and managers need not spend any time on the information filtering, but can concentrate on work to a greater degree. The progress of information technology will make ATLAS gradually "learn" how to search; according to the user's search habits, his thoughts and ideas can be analyzed, so as to provide the latest and most accurate information for him. For the convenience of use, touch control is one of the necessary configurations.

We have always emphasized "durable design"; a product needs to have "adaptive" ability, and can "evolve" according to the change in the environment, which is just the embodiment of the vitality of our products. Another function of ATLAS is to provide seamless support for its own devices (Bring Your Own Device), so as to make life better integrated into the office space.




Lossless Information Transfer in the Cloud Era

Humans have moved from the IT (Information Technology) age to DT (Data Technology) era. In the process of management, the accuracy and timeliness of data and information can directly determine the final results, but usually because of the problems of the enterprise architecture and hierarchy, the superior’s instructions are incomplete or even wrong made by the implementation staff; it is difficult to timely give feedback on the opinions and problems to the higher level; therefore, a lot of repetitive work is wasted in the process of information transfer.

Cloud computing enables ATLAS to realize direct management; regardless of information transmission and receiving, information transmission between the superior and the subordinate  will be real-time and direct, which can not only improve the staff’s sense of responsibility for more efficient and positive work, but also enables the management layer more quickly and accurately to make new decisions.

In the near future

It is only a beginning. Whenever possible, the ATLAS will be designed with information - physical fusion system (CPS), and will possess five functions including computing, communication, precise control, remote coordination and self-government, becoming the "brain" of an enterprise, which is also the soul of the ATLAS, a wisdom giant with infinite potential.

ATLAS is not science Fiction, while we call it Science Fact.




Diversification for Sharing and Cooperation Space& Intelligent Space

There are great changes in not only a management space but also a public space to respond to intelligent equipment and diversified demands. Especially with the birth of "mini media", public space of offices has become the primary boundary for fragment time management, which is also a new concept of public leisure space for sparking inspiration.

Note: mini media refers to the multi-media furniture with small-size body and convenience for use. It can be flexibly used in open spaces. The users can make extemporaneous discussions whenever and wherever possible.

Chat & multi-media

Chat is an impromptu interaction among colleagues (video remote or local places). Chat has no purposes which can be perhaps a greeting in the morning and may be a cup of coffee in the afternoon, while which comes first from the beginning of social hot spots, and then unleashes the sparks, or touches a problem and then chat becomes discussions, naturally.

Mini media provides a platform and a chance to talk naturally, which makes us quickly integrate into the atmosphere for chatting and finding the point of view. It makes office equipment terminal synchronously share discussions, and video discussion is transferred from the traditional closed meeting to a clever public leisure space.



Converse & multi-media

There are 2-3 colleagues with definite topics. The privacy of the talk depends on the topics and the familiarity of the participants with each other. πwall made of felt makes the offices full of friendliness and warmth; at the same time, it can span time and space to realize convenience and high-efficiency like face to face communication through video conference.

In addition, hidden line design of π wall and diversification in display ( desktop connection, connection to the wall, independent model) are advantageous to the space flexible planning. Besides, the choice of a variety of sizes can meet requirements for big party, micro discussion, freestyle communication and other different ways to share.

X6 series combining multimedia technology is equipped with a built-in hidden 40 inches display screen with humanized design, which makes the screen automatically slip out of the desktop only through putting the computer connected to the host.X6 integration of Plug&Play system and the operation panel can be combined with any P&P equipment for use.

Imported advanced solid wood veneers or fire prevention board can be used as materials for table board, and there are various stoving varnish materials for table structure.




Co-Create & Multi-media

Co-working space refers to the process for new creation of a team. Size of discussion extends from the process that uses whiteboard for quick solution to careful preparation of the agenda. Here, the diversification of the multimedia and physical tools can help workers to share and make creative output. Active participation, talk and discussion, content sharing and innovation are the key elements for the space.


Divide-and-conquer (independent workplace +spontaneous discussion area) & multi-media

Divide-and-conquer means that a team has a common goal. For such a goal, there is a close coordination distance kept one another during the independent thinking made by each person. Because such a kind of parallel exists (independent & collaborative work), it is beneficial to quickly find the breakthrough way and solve the problem. When collaboration is needed, spontaneous cooperation occurs. Stage goals and work contents shall be jointly borne by the team.

The Mini-media and Lenco work place are put together with removal of the table screen as a multimedia discussion space, which can be integrated with Velax nearby recreational area, so that multimedia discussion space is fully expanded.


Show,Tell& multi-media

Reports and statements are always carried out on schedule; people share the information collected with the team, customers, colleagues, and even more widely with other departments and organizations, while it is essential to clearly designate the reporters and report information in advance, and to update the report and project progress review from informal project status to the strict and orderly rehearsal. Participants also make changes accordingly.

Modular design of C5 multimedia conference table makes it realize flexible changes and diversified portfolio, so as to satisfy the layout demands of different meeting spaces. Technology integration and linear system can be hidden through oval table legs design, which can build a clean and tidy space. Moreover, C5 oval table legs can be easily assembled and dismantled without using any tools in short time.

It is a great time, an era that can realize common prospective to the future. The prime time for intelligentization has come; how to use intelligent office space to realize collecting, sharing and using data is a new thinking triggered by DT era during work, while in the field of design, enormous changes will be caused.