The "nomadic inspiration series" is a unique furniture series jointly created by MATSU and a plateau brand, LHAYAK. This series was developed by the Belgian design team of JRS (Joeri Reynaert Studio), which has many years of working and living experience in China. In December 2021, MATSU, LHAYAK and Joeri Reynaert went on a nomadic experience leather collecting trip. In 2022, we incorporated the inspiration from the roof of the world into our product design concept, and will launch the first exhibition at Xiaohui Wang's Shanghai Art Museum in November this year. The enrichment of life is like an inexhaustible grassland, and should come from the return of nature. So is the enrichment of design. The inspiration of nomadic series comes from the city people's yearning for nature! We hope to instill urban office life with this natural freshness and authenticity, and let more people and enterprises pay attention to the relationship between nomadic culture and ecology.


The "nomadic inspiration series" is just a set of perfect ecological product series made of yak skin. It adheres to the principle of making the best use of everything by herdsmen, without any chemical additives, and presents and applies in a creative way. It includes 10 types of products. In addition to sofa, leisure chair, tea table, lamps, tapestries and other furniture, three peripheral pieces have also been designed, so as to give

new life to the remaining scraps removed during the production of large furniture products.Yak herding is a prime example of micro circular economy, where nothing of the animal is going to waste. Hides are used for cloths, hair is used to make fabrics for tents, meat is used for food, even yak dung is used as construction resource as well as fuel to keep warm and cook. The following features can be clearly presented in this series of furniture: rich in diversified products that are made of yak skin, based on the nomads’ principle of turning material resources to good account, without any chemical additives, presenting and applying with all sorts of creative methods.


The top of thousands of mountains is the source of thousands of waters. The towering snow-capped peaks, the vast highland pastures, the thin and cold air and the challenging natural environment of the plateau have made the herdsmen living here revere the nature from generation to generation. They understand the cruelty and loneliness of life, and they also know more about respect and enthusiasm for life. They protect their home grassland with faith and nomadic life. The grass seeds carried in the yak hair are inadvertently sown during free range breeding, and are stepped into the soil to take root and germinate, instead of being blown away by the wind and being burnt by the ultraviolet ray on the plateau. This unique nomadic culture maintains a unique and delicate ecological balance between people and animals on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau.

Unfortunately, this culture is disappearing... With the rapid development of modernization and industrialization, the reduction of grassland area and the economic difficulties of herdsmen, more and more second generation herdsmen choose to leave. As a result, helping herdsmen to earn income, let them stay on the grassland and keep their herding lifestyle has become an ecological protection chain with a virtuous circle: we protect herdsmen, herdsmen protect nature, and the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, an Asian water tower, will be protected.

The motive force of this nomadic inspiration series is kindness! We hope to keep the last defenders (herdsmen) of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau. If they disappear, the paradise-like environment here will become the highest desert in the world; The treasures of civilization handed down for thousands of years will also disappear. This is also the reason why MATSU and LHAYAK jointly created the nomadic inspiration series. We expect to help local herdsmen earn income and build a sense of social value by collecting skin at a high price, encourage the young generation of yak herdsmen to continue to inherit their cultural heritage, and tell them that even in the face of the "brave new world", they can also learn wisdom from ancient traditions. We hope to mobilize social forces through social innovation and market mechanism to maximize the use of business strategies to improve human and environmental living conditions.




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Today's urban beauties are living a double life every day, in the city life of being exhausted and drifting with the tide; In front of or

behind people, on or off work, in the office or at home, we can always take out a completely different state to face everything. The

Skin collection features cushions upholstered with yak leather on one side, and yak hair fabric on the other side. The yak hair fabric

is originally made to construct tent homes and is handwovenin the mountains by nomads themselves.

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Yak hair has not been developed for many commercial purposes due to its hardness; But we insist on cutting it by hand to avoid

water pollution caused by its dissolution with chemical agents; Or we leave it to herdsmen to make black tents (herdsmen's homes).

What is gratifying is that through our efforts, yak hair has also found a "useful place" in furniture. The traditional weaving techniques collected during this trip have been used in many types of furniture finishes of nomadic inspiration series, such as Skin, to bring more market value into play and give folk handicrafts a new life.


You can live as you like

There are three types of Skin sofas: three-person sofas, reclining chairs and leisure chairs, which can be combined at will and adapted to different scenes.


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Drumroll floor lamp and tea table are inspired by the prayer wheel. In Tibetan areas, the prayer wheel is used to carry beliefs and

blessings; The "Unicom" symbol on the Drumroll concrete base, in Tibetan areas, is to express the connection between the praying people and the mountains, forests, heaven and earth. Drumroll endows the office space with the beautiful implication of the prayer tube and Unicom pattern.

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A poem that has been echoing for a long time on the plateau goes: "The yak's skin gives us warmth, the yak's hair gives our homes, the yak's milk gives us health and strength, the yak's dung gives us an inexhaustible source of fire for generations, and the yak's flesh gives us survival." It is yak that brings herdsmen to the snow-covered plateau. For thousands of years, yak has nourished

herdsmen from generation to generation with its life span, and the spirit of symbiosis and survival in a harsh environment has also deeply affected herdsmen.

A patchwork of yak hide, create a rug that expresses the very essence of this collection; a tribute to the versatility of the yak hide applications.




LangChan, Tibetan for “Island” , is a modular system of blocks, held together with leather straps, that shape a seating area, accessible from all sides.The modular configuration of LangChan makes it possible to build this island at will, making it look like what you need for office and life today!



Mesh uses the laser cutting method to cut and pull the yak leather slices tomake a floating grid to wrap the lamp tube, as if it is a net that wraps lightand shadow, creating a hazy atmosphere and interesting light and shadow atnight.





The suspended disc made of solid wood and leather provides a simpleand interesting way to relax in the modern office area, allowing modernurban workers to sit on the Disk and regain their youth and vitality.Youth is a kind of attitude, a stage in our life when we are kindling forour dreams. The lanyard of duckweed is made of yak hair. Let's sit onthe "Disk", grasp the reins to gallop our dreams, ripple our youth whichpasses as a fleeting wave, and ignite our youth again!



All products in this series are equipped with a unique Matsu x LHAYAKco-branded LOGO leather label. We instill the two-purpose leather with the freedream carried by the nomadic inspiration series, which is both a label and acoaster. The large version of the label can also be used as a coaster, The way ofusing one thing for multiple purposes allows labels to get rid of the fate ofdisposable trademarks and design to create a sustainable lifestyle In addition.the label is made of leftover materials of yak leather furniture products tominimize waste.





Saken means "bag" in Tibetan. In the Tibetan experience trip, we learned thatevery herdsman has a bowl to follow his nomadic grassland, which can last fora lifetime. And in the urban life with material desires, people's desires are filledwith one new style after another. Products are thrown away when dirty andreplaced when old, It is said that durable products are the most environmental-ly friendly design. As urbanites, we also need a durable and timeless exclusivebag. Saken was born for this. lt has made a creative transformation among themost commonly used bag types in the world and has become a special bag thatcan be used for a lifetime!



Clutch is a cross-body water bottle set, which provides a portable and reusablevacuum insulated cup for modern digital nomads in the city. Water is the source oflife, According to statistics, the human body needs about 2,500 ml of water everyday to make up for its loss. However, for many trips, the unfinished disposablebottled water was forgotten. MATSU hopes that Clutch can arouse people to cherishthe source of life! lt is like a walking stick that supports you on a long journey andlive a nomadic life with you!

As long as the source is here, the hope is here! This is also the intention of MATSUand LHAYAK's nomadic inspiration series We hope that herdsmen can stay on thegrassland and have an ecological way of grazing. We protect herdsmen, herdsmenprotect nature, and the Tibetan Plateau, the Asian water tower will be protected.