Kate Chung

Kate Chung graduated from Domus Academy in Milan.  Kate Chung believes in Minimalist and always tries to reach balance between beauty and practicality. She draws her ideas from oriental culture and hopes to integrate cultural elements into modern and simple designs and fits her designs into practical life.  

She and Steve Cheng established Kate Chung Design Studio in 2009, a hotbed for products involving diversified fields such as product design and graphic design.

Joeri Reynaert

As an independent designer he presented his first collection atInterieur 2012, Belgium and Salone del Mobile 2012, Italy, which got publishedworldwide. Later he moved to China and became studio manager for Dirk Wynantsdesign studio in Shanghai, where he established a 4 year undergraduate program.Now Joeri runs his own design studio in Shanghai and teaches at the DeTaoMaster Academy, transferring his large experience in the market to hisstudents.

Design work:Copenhagen、Morse、都市牧人、筑屿等生态游牧系列,以及Collar, Bowler ,Prestiage, Pluse, Marsh, Panache

Rupert Kopp

1961 Born in Horb

1986 Study of Jewellery Design on the University of Design in Pforzheim, Germany

1991 Diploma in Jewellery Design

1991 Formation of a company to design movable and interactive objects and furnitures.

1993 Own furniture collection on the INTERNATIONAL FURNITURE FAIR in Cologne

Design Works:

Roxxane/Force One/Roxxane Fly

Jean Nouvel

Born in 1945, Jean Nouvel is a well-known French architecture designer. He graduated from ÉcoleNationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts de Paris. In his career as an architect, Jean Nouvel has won a series of prestigious awards, including Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 1987, Wolf Prize in Arts in 2005 and Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2008.

Jean Nouvel’s works can be found worldwide, including Lyon Opera House in France, St Mary's Church in Salak, France, Queen Sofia National Center of Art Museum in Spain. He is good with steel and glass, and he smartly uses light to make buildings full of life and personality.

Design Works:


Josef Hoffmann

Josef Hoffmann, born in 1870, studied Architecture atthe Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. He was greatly influenced by Carl von Hasenauer and Otto Wagner, especially Wegner whose function-first anti-academy thinking and modern architecture movement in industrial age had great impact on Hoffmann’s works.

In 1895, Hoffmann won the Rome Prize. In the next year, he started working for Wagner. In 1903, he founded Wiener Werkstate, based on thoughts of William Morris, to blend arts with technologies and produce with mechanism.

Hoffmann’s furniture designs were ahead of his time, extremely influential to Europe and the U.S. back then. Hoffmann’s career was long and productive with huge accomplishments in architectural design, graphic design, furniture design, interior design and metal container design.

Sven von Boetticher

Sven von Bötticher, born in 1974, completed his education in Stuttgart, Germany, in 2011, and become a professional designer afterwards.

In the same year, the talented Sven von Bötticher established his own studio IDAID in Stuttgart, and became recognized in the design circle of Europe in several years. Now, Bötticher has established partnerships with several famous European manufacturers of furniture and lighting equipment, including Nimbus, a German partner of MATSU, and they have researched and developed many well received products.

Design Works:

Lady Jane

Porsche Design Studio

Porsche Design Studio was founded by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche in Stuttgart in 1972. In 1970s and 1980s, along with the Porsche 911 gaining fame across the world, other products designed by Porsche Design Studiowere in the spotlights as well and became masterpieces of modern European designs. Porsche Design Studio’s products are known for simplicity and fashion, best materials, and excellent craftsmanship blending European traditions with modern technologies. Now Porsche Design Studio is one of the most reputable and brilliant design studios in Europe.

Kusch+Co, a strategic partner of MATSU, worked twice with Porsche Design Studio and created two successful classic collections, 8000 Chair and 8080 Sofa.

EXH Design

Exhdesign scope of design from architecture to interior, even furniture and product design. Co-founder and lead designer, Ms. Zhang Xi, successively attended in Architecture study in Tongji University, Shanghai, and the Swiss federal industrial University school of Architecture(Architecture study in ETH Zurich, Dipl. Arch ETH). She worked at Internship and Junior Architect in Herzog & DE Meuron, Basel.

Design Works:


Luigi Colani

Born in Berlin, Germany in 1928, Luigi Colani then graduated from the Sorbonne in Paris with a degree in Aerodynamics and Design. In 1968, in cooperation with Kusch+Co, Luigi Colani designed `Colani collection` which was named after him.

He had also designed for many well-known manufacturers such as NASA, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari and Bio-City in Shanghai Chongming Island. He is the most prominent and innovative comtemporary designer and widely recognized as `Leonardo Da Vinci of the 21st Century‘ by the international design field. With a large number of unconventional and exaggerating designs, he is also regarded as `Messiah of the design‘.

Design Works:


Antonio Scaffidi & Mads K. Johansen

Antonio Scaffidi & Mads K. Johansen is a designers’ duo from Denmark. Both of them graduated from the Danish Design School in Copenhagen.

Whereas Antonio Scaffidi benefits from the symbiosis between his south European temperament and Nordic wisdom, Mads K. Johansen was driven by his artistic passion and experiences as cabinet maker for years.

In their opinion, a good-looking design doesn’t necessarily equal a good product. Good design is the interplay of creative ideas, meticulous planning, careful selection and incorporation of materials, and the inclusion of the manufacturer’s experience and know-how.

Design Works:


Valdimar Harearson

The prestigious architect and designer Valdimar Harearson was born in Reykjavik, Iceland. Having completed his architectural studies at Lund University in Sweden in 1980, he founded his own architect’s office with his colleagues in his home town. As Valdimar Harearson keeps unveiling his talent in architecture and industrial design, he and his team have won several international design awards.

Design Works:


Karim Rashid

The vivid pink color is the most representative color of Karim Rashid. Pink means good-quality external manifestation, and people who love pink are courageous and decisive, enjoy the work, and are ready to challenge themselves and inspire others as well as realize dreams. Pink Squeeze will fully carry forward this positive energy to bring unlimited space surprises. Of course, Squeeze offers black and white and other colorful options.

Karim Rashid is specialized at outlining the design style of the future world and a full range of creative skills, and no one can match this. As the superstar of today’s industrial design community, he has designed fresh products for many well-known international brands, ranging from UMBRA to PRADA, and from ISSEY MIYAKE to METHOD. He likes translucent and colorful plastic material to create fresh, varied and sexy works, and therefore he has a nickname of "Plastic Poet.

Design Works:



Uwe Sommerlade is a German designer born in 1961. After having successfully completed his training in carpentry, the young Sommerlade started studying design studies at the University of Kassel.

Upon graduation, Uwe Sommerlade went through years of experiencing in professional field and finally, in 1991, he co-founded a design office with his friends.

During the following years, he designs best-selling products for many renowned companies, such as Kusch+Co. The German and international design prizes are the best recognition and praise of his originality and talent.

Design Works:


Robert De Le Roi

Born in 1961, Robert De L Roi is a famous industrial designer. He was passionate about carpentry and furniture ever since he was a teenager. After having successfully completed his apprenticeship as furniture maker, he studied industrial design at the Muthesius College in Kiel. When he was still in college, he had shown brilliance and talent in design by winning the

Du Pont Design Award twice and Holzbau-Förderpreis once.

After graduation, he worked at University of Kassel until 1999 when he took brand new challenges after years of researching and educating. Since 1999, Robert de le Roi has been the head of the Product Development Department at Kusch+Co.

During his years’ career at Kusch+Co, Robert De Le Roi keeps demonstrating his special insights and extraordinary talent in industrial design. He successfully designed and widely admired works include Trio, Delgado, Luca and Vino.

Design Works:


Norbert Geelen

Born in 1968, Norbert Geelen is an accomplished industrial designer in the world who believes that “uniqueness is created by innovation and a different perspective.” After having completed his training as industrial designer at the University of Essen, Norbert Geelen started freelancing at the Italian Studio Mattheo Thun in Milan. Together with his partner Robert Kilders, he founded the design studio bert&bert in 1997. Since 2005, Norbert Geelen has been combing back and forth between his German office in Straelen and his Milan studio. He has specialized in furniture design, mainly high-quality seating and tables. He has been working with Kusch+Co since 2007.

Design Works:

São Paulo/Uni_verso/San_siro/Volpe/Volpino

Justus Kolberg

Born in Schleswig in 1962, Justus Kolberg studied industrial design and realized many projects in collaboration with well-known enterprises. The brilliant design makes Justus Kolberg a rising star in the German industrial design field. His style features a unique, simple and natural style inspired by the modern architectural technology.

In 1999, Justus Kolberg started the co-operation with kusch+co. Since then, many classic products that are welcomed by the market has been developed. The Papilio series are the latest result of this co-operation, uniting ergonomics and design to form an extremely popular seating concept.

Design Works:



Markus jehs (born in 1965 in stuttgart) and Jürgen laub ( born in 1964 in ulm) have met each other during the academic studies of industrial design at the hochschulefürgestaltungschw?bischgmuend‘ and became friends after an internship in New York in 1990. After they graduated in 1992 they set up Jehs + Laub in 1994. From that time on they started to design furniture and lamps. Inside Germany, they design office furniture an common furniture for Renz, Schnbuch and Thonet, and design showrooms for Mercedes-Benz.

The Lane、Size、Star For Renz are all their masterpieces. Their designed products have won all major prizes.

Design Works:

Lane/Size/Star/Talk/Star Conference Table/Tune

Jorge Pensi

Jorge Pensi was born in the Capital City of Argentina, Buenos Aires, where he studied Architecture. After graduation, in search for more opportunities and dreams, he went across the ocean to Barcelona, Spain, in 1975. He then became a Spanish citizen.

In 1977, he partnered up with Alberto Lievone and they had worked together until 1984. Then Pensi established his own design studio in Barcelona and started working on designs of furniture, lamps and buildings.

Jorge Pensi has been awarded with many honors and prizes across the globe during the past years, including the Spanish National Design Prize which he won in 1997. Jorge Pensi also works with Kusch+Co, a high-end German office furniture manufacturer. Together they have created a series of well received classic products, such as Hola! and Ona.

Design Works:

Ona Desk/Ona Executive/Ona Visit/Ona Work/¡Hola!/Ronda/Ona Fancy

Frank Person

Frank Person was born in Aschaffenburg, Bavaria, Germany, in 1963. He once studied glass-manufacturing in Hadamar, Hesse.

Since 1986, Person started studying industrial design and received a degree in Darmstadt in 1991. Person then co-founded a design studio Orange Design. In 2000, he established his own design firm fp.formgebung in Darmstadt.

Frank Person has been demonstrating his extraordinary talent in product design, structure design and new material application ever since. He also remains partnerships with several high-end furniture manufacturing companies, including Kusch+Co, a German partner of MATSU.

Dieter Kusch

Mr. Dieter Kusch was born in Germany in 1938. He is not only the second President of Kusch+Co, a German partner of MATSU, but also an industrial designer himself who is a brilliant and creative talent in design.

Upon graduation from high school, Mr. Kusch went to Cologne and started learning how wo make chairs. Then he went to college and studied carpentry.

Since he was young, Mr. Dieter Kusch was obsessed with carpentry and furniture making. In 1963, the 25-year-old Kusch joined Kusch+Co. In the following years, although Mr. Kusch has to devote quite a large portion of his career to corporate management, he designed some excellent collections, such as eTea, Vega and so on.


SCHWAB / PANTHER was jointly founded by two young German designers Flo Schwab and Georg Panther. They have been partnering with Nimbus, a German partner of MATSU, and together, they have launched the Eloise LED.

Design Works: